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Wood Door Refinishing

RESULTS: We're the wood door refinishing experts in New Orleans!  Scott specializes in breathing life back into your old, weathered wooden door.  When you notice your door's surface has become dull, that's the ideal time to refinish the door by sanding, staining and applying at least three applications of marine grade spar varnish.  The longer you wait to refinish, the more wood damage you'll experience. Having said that: damaged doors don't scare us!    

NO HIGH PRESSURE SALES: We certainly aren't sales people (or web designers LOL)!  We're just real people with an odd love for wood and doors. Let us give you a quote.  Then just call us when you're ready.  
QUALITY PRODUCTS:  We use high quality marine-grade varnish, not polyurethane. (Please stop using 2-in-1 products on your doors!) While every door with direct sun exposure requires some maintenance, it should not require to be stripped annually. At the most, the door may require a light sand and a new top coat annually. If you are completely stripping your wood door annually, you're either not using the right products or not applying enough coats!


PRO-TIP: The crucial thing is to act promptly when the finish starts to fail. Keeping up with regular maintenance is consistently the most economical approach to maintaining your entryway. If you notice discoloration, flaking, peeling, or blistering on your door's finish, it's time for your wood door to be refinished. Check the bottom of the door and sidelights, as they receive the most exposure. Additionally, inspect the seams where vertical and horizontal pieces meet, as well as the bottom of the sidelights. These areas are prone to varnish failure. Another indicator is a dull, yellowed, or a white haze appearance of the finish as it ages, especially for hard finishes, signaling the wood's surface is no longer providing any protection. In this high humidity climate, the door's finish can start to fail very quickly at that point. 

NOLA PROUD: Scott and Tamara are both native to New Orleans.  Scott retired with 28 years of service in federal law enforcement.  Within 2 months of retirement, Scott realized he needed to be busy doing things he loved.  Tamara, who works from a home office, completely agreed!  Ron joined the team and quickly realized that he also has an odd love for doors. Ron had been a restaurant owner for many years, but after only one year of retirement, he also realized that  retirement didn't suit him.  Ray is the latest person to be sucked into our weird little obsession.  Ray is retired US Air Force and it didn't take long for him to fit right in with the NOLA Door Refinishing family.


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