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Increase curb appeal on new listing

Before your guests even walk through the entryway into your home, they have already formed an opinion on your home. Same is true when you are selling your house. Realtors know all too well about buyers making a decision on not liking a door before they even get out of the car. It is so hard to overcome that initial impression, especially when your front wood door is old and weathered.

Don't let this happen to you! Before listing your home for sale, invest a few hundred dollars into refinishing your front door. Not only will your house sell faster but it will bring a higher selling price.

Because we know how important the curb appeal is and how time sensitive it is to get your residence listed on the MLS. We will always go above and beyond for our local realtors. We normally have a waitlist of about 2-3 weeks. But for new listings, we will make them our top priority and bump them to the top of the list! That way your listing photos will be as amazing as the offers you get!

We can also freshen up the paint or change the paint color of your front door. A paint color change can usually be done in a single day! We took the door below from dreary to inviting.

Front door paint change
Paint color change
Door restoration

Contact us at 504-616-3693 for a free quote to refinish your front wood door.


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