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Old Metairie Garage Doors Restoration

wood garage door refinishing

Wood garage restoration

Lordy, Lordy would you look at this beautiful wood garage door restoration?!? These solid mahogany garage doors were in terrible shape from the sun and in much need of a sanding, staining and good quality varnish. We hope the owners are happy because we're really proud of the end results. The owner's say they've had these garage doors refinished every 6 months. You know that you are using the wrong products if you need to refinish your doors that often! Please call us if you're refinishing your doors that often. You'll never go back to your old refinishing company! One thing we tell our daughter, love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life. We truly love what we do!

Text a picture to NOLA Door Refinishing at 504-616-3693 and I'll get you a quote!


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