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Transform your outdoor wood furniture

As the warm breeze beckons us outdoors, there's nothing quite like having a beautifully restored piece of wood furniture to enhance your outdoor space. Whether it's a weathered bench, a tired deck, or a worn-out patio table, restoring outdoor wood furniture can breathe new life into your surroundings and provide a charming focal point for relaxation and entertainment.

We refinish outdoor wood furniture just as we do with wood doors. We access the wood and condition of the furniture, make minor repairs, sand, stain and then seal the wood using marine grade spar varnish.

The high quality stain and varnish will enhance its beauty and safeguard it against the elements. We assist selecting a stain color that complements your outdoor aesthetic of the home. Sometimes this means we match it to other wood items, such as front doors. Apply multiple thin coats, following the manufacturer's instructions, and allow adequate drying time between each coat. We apply one coat each day. Applying varnish too soon, will risk the finish to bubble, which is very difficult to rectify.

Restoring outdoor wood furniture is a gratifying endeavor for both us and our clients. We love that we can preserve cherished pieces and create a welcoming outdoor space at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new wood furniture.

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wood furniture restoration

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