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Wood garage door refinishing

This set of wood garage doors in Old Metairie have seen better days! The other garage door looks just as weathered. You can clearly see the effects of sun exposure on this door. Notice the top of the door is protected by a few feet of overhang, just enough to shield the UV. The bottom 2/3 of the door wasn't as lucky.

This is a perfect example of why it's so important to use a good product and apply multiple coats. Polyurethane just won't do in the South. We have too much humidity and heat. Polyurethane becomes brittle and will eventually crack. You need a product that's flexible and will bend and stretch as the wood swells and contracts. Cracks in polyurethane is why we see so much wood damage to doors. Those little cracks allow water to penetrate to the wood and under the polyurethane. So your not only getting damage from the sun but moisture damage from within also. The only way to correct the problem is to sand, stain and varnish.

Too many door refinishing companies in the New Orleans area are using inferior products. We ONLY use Spar Marine Grade varnish and never less than 3 layers! Yes, this means that we need to come back for three days in a row but it is so worth the extra effort. The door's finish will last several years longer.

Check back in a few days to see the final results of this garage door restoration in Metairie!

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