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Updated: Aug 8, 2021

What a crazy summer refinishing doors in New Orleans?!? We had the longest wait list we've ever had…and the most rain! It really has been quite the summer of heat, rain, covid, repeat…

Between June and July, Scott had worked on a Mid-City restoration project involving two sets of french door, including sidelites and transoms, windows and stained glass gables. Every door and window had lead paint which required to be chemically dipped and stripped at The Banks Architectural in New Orleans. It was the job that just kept on going and expanding.

Seaux many door restorations in River Ridge this month! One noteworthy door was not only sunbeaten but also had TWELVE (12!) broken pieces of stained glass. The stained glass pane needed to be removed and repaired at Lizano's Glashaus. Honestly, it was a tiny fraction of the cost of replacing the door completely! It would have been terrible to not save this beautiful door!

Then more heat, more rain, more covid.... Scott completed a set of double wood garage doors in Metairie, both sets of garage doors had been badly battered by the weather.

Of course all this is in addition to a bunch of normal door refinishes, door restorations, and door repairs. Each with its own sets of challenges and problems. The finished doors were fantastic and we've made so many new friends along the way. Hopefully Fall is up next!

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